A combination method of psychotherapy and energy healing to complete and resolve trauma. Trauma from this life, past lives (karmic), other’s lives (ancestral & collective) can influence your individual emotional, physical and spiritual wellness today.

Psychotherapeutic and energy healing methods are applied to support your healing and integration multi-dimensionally.

trauma therapy sydney
  • Spiritual psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, developmental trauma
  • Inner Child Work
  • Release and resolve karmic complexes and karmic trauma
  • Heal and clear ancestral trauma/inter-generational interference
  • Energy Healing

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Multi-dimensional healing can bring ancestral and karmic trauma to the surface when the root layer of the wound is accessed. This is stored in the energy system and accessed through the ‘implicit’ memory (subconscious) held in the body and nervous system. Energy work and psychotherapy are used together in order to heal the past and restore the present.

  • Ancestral Trauma: Unresolved traumas of your genetic lineage (eg: maternal ancestry or paternal ancestry)
  • Karmic Trauma: Your unresolved incarnational traumas from past lives

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