Relationship Break Up Counselling

“Clear the Three Ties that Bind You to Your Ex Today.” Whether the break up is mutual, one-sided, out-of-blue, or a long time coming...whether it's from a healthy relationship, or a toxic relationship, it still hurts. The relationship could have ended last week or last decade, however you might still be feeling stuck and unable … Continue reading Relationship Break Up Counselling

Who Am I? The Confidence to Say “No”

Healing Your Boundaries If setting your personal boundaries sends you running for the hills, you could be unnecessarily stressed, unfulfilled, and feeling the symptoms of depression and anxiety. You could even be living a life of exhaustion, low mood, and intermittent chaos. Reclaiming your boundaries is not just a matter of learning a magic phrase. … Continue reading Who Am I? The Confidence to Say “No”


HAVING GOOD DISAGREEMENTS Disagreement is part of safe and healthy relationships. Many people worry that conflict is a sign of relationship failure. Relationships break down when communication doesn't happen. It's not about the fact that you disagree, it's about how to argue. Thinking about how to have healthy arguments is important, because this can make or … Continue reading HEALTHY ARGUMENTS & THE ENLIGHTENED COUPLE