If you are struggling with emotions, behaviours, patterns, and blocks that you cannot get a hold of, and can’t explain then psychotherapy can help you to discover and heal the root causes.

What is Spiritual Psychotherapy?

Spiritual psychotherapy is a form of spiritual healing. Spiritual psychotherapy involves working with body, mind, emotions, and spirit in a very special way.

Spiritual psychotherapy helps you to heal emotional wounds, clear negative blocks, access positive mindsets. Ultimately, you are meant to feel empowered, strong, and secure in your own life.

The desire to grow, expand, and progress is a natural spiritual need. Spiritual psychotherapy addresses all blocks to progress and healing. If you feel stuck, trapped, isolated, or fearful chronically, then mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health will suffer.

This makes spiritual therapy a profound tool for depression treatment, anxiety treatment, trauma treatment, improving self-esteem, and effective cptsd trauma treatment. Spiritual healing for trauma, anxiety, and depression for example make your healing transformative.

The Spiritual Therapist Approach

Spiritual psychotherapy deals with the energy of the soul along with the personality. This makes your self-actualisation the main goal for a spiritual therapist. Gaining a strong sense of who you are, and enjoying life profoundly are side benefits.

We ask who do you want to be, how do you want to live, what do you want to accomplish, how do you want to feel – and what is in the way? The Soul needs to grow, and once you can communicate with the soul aspect of your consciousness, you will know exactly what’s right for you.

Can Spiritual Therapy Treat Anxiety, Social Phobia, Depression, CPTSD?

Emotionally toxic environments, relationships, memories and experiences can disrupt your connection with your true nature causing you to feel confused, fatigued, angry, lost, and negative.

This leads to relationships that don’t feel good, often feeling forced/oppressed/isolated/denied/invisible/unworthy/fearful in life, consuming information or participating in tasks that do not feel creatively good, putting yourself second to other people’s needs, addictions, perfectionism, anxiety, chronic stress, chronic low or ‘foggy’ mood, feeling like something that you cannot put your finger on is just ‘off.’

These experiences are all signs that you’ve been separated from your natural spirit through emotional wounding, prolonged exposure to environments that are not in your best interest, and have become stuffed up with the energy of unresolved emotions and even other people’s problems, stress, and energy.

Spiritual psychotherapy can help you heal the wounds, clear the negative energy and blocks, and resolve painful emotions that stand between you and your true self to leave you feeling in control and wholesome.

Spiritual Healing Techniques for Psychotherapy

We work to make the unconscious into the known (shadow work), clear away negative blocks and negative energy (energy healing for negative, foreign, and incoherent energy patterns), and heal emotional wounds like childhood wounds, cptsd, betrayal, abandonment, perceived failures, traumatic life transitions, and toxic shame accumulated from childhood abuse, and adult abuse, with spiritual psychotherapy in Sydney Northern Beaches. Distance healing and spiritual psychotherapy is also available through online therapy.

Rachel Anenberg, BA (Psychology), BSW, MSW (Master of Social Work) specialised in Mental Health, is a psychotherapist and spiritual healer providing holisitc counselling and spiritual psychotherapy in Sydney Northern Beaches, Brookvale. Her expertise as a psychotherapist come from a combined education, and personal & professional experience in psychology, social work, and spirituality.


Spiritual psychotherapy in Sydney with Rachel can help you to heal depression, treat anxiety, recover from childhood abuse, adult abuse & narcissistic abuse. Genuine happiness is often out of reach because of unhealed past experiences. Psychotherapy can help you to get in control and feel naturally happy.

Ongoing Session

Sydney Psychotherapy

For ongoing support and input throughout your healing process. It can be hard to put things into words, sometimes the past feels dark, or things may be coming up like a storm. Although single session offers an opportunity to work with these things, it can be more beneficial to spend multiple sessions together working things out.

Single Session


When you feel stuck on a particular problem, and would like some input and support. You will walk away feeling relief and with insight about how to tackle things.

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  • Video Consultation or E-Chat Session
  • Offered for single sessions and ongoing therapy
  • A option in between face to face sessions
  • A nice way to consult with me from the comfort of home
  • A way to book in when you are out of town

Video chats are hosted by a secure platform that meets the privacy requirements of medical doctors. This is more secure than sessions offered on Skype, and there is no need to download an app.

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Get kind & insightful support by email.

  • Can be a good way to find out if you like to work with me
  • To get some strategies or a quick insight
  • Support and consultation between sessions
  • You can write to me with up to 3 questions or challenges.

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