What is a Spiritual Healing Session?

Secrets of Spiritual Healing

If spiritual healing is on your mind or just ‘sounds right’ to you, that means that your spiritual aspects are activating. Spiritual healing involves working with your life challenges, emotional wounds, and mental blocks through your spirit.

Your spirit level is in connection and communication with all of the knowledge within you, and in the broader reality field. The universe is made entirely of energy (93% energy and 7% particles, which are denser forms of energy). This includes your body, with is the 7% particle form of the 93% of you that exists in the form of energy. A portion of this energy is spiritual (aka “subtle”) energy.

When you experience emotional pain, chronic negative thoughts, feel directionless, stuck, or empty, there is a very good chance that you are disconnected from the information of your spirit.

If depression or anxiety treatment has not worked completely for you, it can be because anxiety and depression are actually symptoms of a misdiagnosed complex post traumatic stress disorder (cptsd). Traditional psychological therapies for depression and anxiety can often exclude your spirit or soul in the healing process. Spiritual healing is about connecting with the energy, awareness, and knowledge of your spiritual level.

Connecting with your spiritual level helps you to self-heal, and eventually resolve emotional wounds and clear negative blocks automatically. However, getting to place where you can access your spirit this way requires spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing is Emotional Healing, Mental Healing, and Energy Healing

Spiritual Healing is a multi-dimensional approach to healing overall. Your body, emotions, and mind are three dimensions of a much bigger spiritual being spiritual being within you. Your full identity includes a spiritual level that expands throughout and beyond the level of the body, emotions, and mind. This level is often thought of as the soul or spirit.

Spiritual Healing for the Mind

When you heal your mind, what you are actually doing is aligning your mind with the information of your spirit. The mind is a field of awareness where we process information. We use the mind to analyse and organise the information that we encounter from day to day.

Our thoughts arise from the mind and exist in the mental body (aka mind field). Mental activity is often dualistic, meaning that the mind categorises information as good or bad, positive or negative. When we have accumulated negative mental information, we create blocks, wounds, and disconnection between our mind and spirit.

Spiritual Healing Get You Connected to Your Inner Guidance

You can often feel your spiritual essence or soul level from day to day. This essence is much more clear to us before the age of 7. This is the stage in our development when our thinking becomes more mental and concrete.

In other words, we shift from processing the world through feeling and shift into thinking. This helps us to navigate the physical world, but it often means that we leave the feeling world behind and lose touch with our spiritual knowledge.

Healing Emotions and Trauma Spiritually

Healing emotional wounds is a very important part of spiritual healing. Early life wounds, often incurred prior to the age of 7, and sometimes even in the womb (womb trauma), through birth trauma, or past life trauma can block us from our spiritual aspect.

This is because emotional wounds can act as either a negative energy block, or keep a part of our consciousness locked in place the time of the wounding. This fragmentation of consciousness distorts our awareness, and keeps us feeling, thinking, and acting like the wounded aspect rather than our spiritual aspect. This kind of wounding is now more often being referred to as developmental trauma.

Healing emotional wounds and healing trauma spiritually can include psychotherapy, energy healing, past life regression, inner child work, soul retrieval, homeopathy, sound healing, and other vibrational, multi-dimensional, and spiritual healing methods.

Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Healing

When emotional wounds and unhealed trauma are within us, the spiritual level is not aligned with our mental and emotional level. This causes ‘friction’ internally, and compels us to heal.

Spiritual healing is then the first major requirement of spiritual awakening. These are the unlearned lessons of the soul-personality.

Spiritual healing is the process of clearing away the blocks and distortions of unlearned lessons, emotional wounds, negative blocks and negative energies within the energy system of the soul. Spiritual healing then enables us to live the true and original evolutionary path of our souls.

Spiritual healing is a deep, multi-dimensional healing method for people on the path of spiritual awakening.

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Secure a Spiritual Healing Session

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  • Access your inner knowledge and guidance
  • Empath Coaching and training in the use of extrasensory abilities
  • Support during and after spiritual awakening
  • Distinguish between ‘ego’ and ‘soul’ incentives
  • Restore your highest potential paths/timelines
  • Existential Counselling

Spiritual Healing – How to Meet Your Soul…

Firstly recognise that it is always with you always present and always has been. It is your awareness of its presence that has been blocked and distorted. Soul consciousness will come through in flashes, or be a low level background hum to your daily existence. Sometimes we call it intuition.

At times the information that comes from your soul is improperly received because you are not able to hear it, or misinterpret it through the filters of the ego/”everyday” awareness.

We can get gummed up with belief, programs, and ideas of how things are or are supposed to be – and in the process forget our true selves. This is why psychotherapy and healing the psyche is such an important part of spiritual awakening. We can heal wounds, forgive, recognise blocks, and liberate the mind.

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Meditation also helps. We often consider ‘thinking’ to be the only way to come by information. Analysis seems to be the primary way to understand. However, mental processing is not the only way to experience reality or to understand reality.

Mental analysis follows a binary pattern of comparison. Everything must be compared against something else, categorised, and filed. This is a good way to organise information and make decisions, but it is not a good way to understand the language of your soul.

In order to receive information from the higher levels of your consciousness, you must learn to transform your mental activity into a state of presence. Meditation practices help you to relax the mind so that you can access information that is beyond the mental field.

You are a multi-dimensional being. The soul is a multi-dimensional energy pattern. To connect with the soul, energy healing is an important part of the journey. Learn about the human energy system and energy healing, this is part of your anatomy. You are more than simply a body, thoughts, and emotions.

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