COVID-19 Response

Your mental health, emotional health, relational health, and spiritual health matter.

Just one session can provide you with the shift that you need. Business is open as usual for psychotherapy in Brookvale.

Telehealth Video counselling sessions are available at a discounted rate.

Please ask about sliding scale options if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Read on to learn more, and click here to find out about service options

Online Therapy in response to Covid-19. I offer online video counselling. I use a secure platform, so you can be assured of your confidentiality.

What is Online Therapy or Video Counselling?

Online Video counselling is run exactly like your regular therapy or healing session in Sydney, Northern Beaches Brookvale office – with the exception that our connection is made by video call.

We can explore the issues, get to the root cause, continue to experience healing processes, and continue your work to heal depression, treat anxiety, heal trauma and CPTSD. You can visit weekly, or book a single session.

What will I need to have an Online Video Counselling Session?

It’s nice to have a private and quiet space where you will not be disturbed. You can video call with me from your garden, your favourite room in the house, or even the car.

You can connect with my using your computer, tablet, or phone. We connect using a telemedicine app, so your privacy is protected for video therapy, and you don’t have to worry about any technical issues with your browser.

I encourage you get a tea or green juice for your session, a box of tissues and a cozy blanket are nice to have around.

When will Online Video Counselling Therapy be available?

Telehealth online therapy is available for you now. All you need is an allocated time and place with a decent internet connection.

What is the cost of online video counselling?

Video sessions are offered at a rate discounted to $110 from the regular $125 for in office sessions. If Covid has put you in financial strain, please talk to me about sliding scale rates for your session.

I also offer subscription services for online counselling which can bring the cost of your therapy down to $95/ month.

If you are interested in Distance Healing or Telehealth/Online Counselling please email:

m/sms 0420 737 965

Join me for an online video therapy session

  • Flexibility for later, earlier, and weekend hours.
  • Access for those with difficulty traveling to appointments
  • Services can be more flexible and consistent

What Does Video Counselling/Telehealth for mental health, emotional heal, and spiritual health mean?

  • Working with a professional psychotherapist from your own home
  • Using modern technology similar to Skype or Facetime for psychotherapy and distance healing
  • Using encrypted and HIPAA compliant digital platform that addresses confidentiality issues while working at the convenience of your own space
  • Having flexibility with your time for your healing process

Some Things to Know about Distance Counseling

Some issues that may not be suited for Distance Counseling:

  • If you are experiencing major depression and/or suicidal thoughts
  • If you are unable to provide a local ‘safety contact person’ in case you require additional help during the therapy process
  • If your internet connect has poor or choppy download speeds. I am always willing to try. If the connection made a session impossible, you will not be charged. We can also connect by phone.
  • If you are uncomfortable using technology

If you’re not sure, please get in touch 🙂

Sydney Contact

m/sms: 0420 737 965


address: 51A/42-46 Wattle Road, Brookvale NSW, 2100

Rachel Anenberg acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of our land, and pays respect to elders past, present and future.

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Sydney counselling and psychotherapy with Rachel Anenberg provides individual counselling, trauma counselling, anxiety treatment, spiritual trauma counselling, energy healing, and the full multi-dimensional healing experience. I am committed to every person I work with, and believe that healing is possible for all difficulties no matter how long, pervasive, or deep the wounds have been a problem for you. Schedule Appointment

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