Do You Suffer From Anxiety, Social Phobia or Panic Attacks?

  • Discover your unique ‘anxiety triggers’ and what to do about it
  • Get the tools to discharge anxious energy and restore inner calm
  • Increase self-confidence and personal feelings of security
  • Resolve the energy sinks of fear and worry
  • Feel relaxed, rested, and naturally happy

Your anxiety does not need to be life-long. Clear the root cause with anxiety treatment, and get relief.

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3.2 million Australians live with an anxiety-related condition. Australian Bureau of Statistics.

One third of adults reporting anxiety and mood disorders (like depression) experienced their first episode by the age of 21. (2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing).

Treatment for anxiety ranges from various kinds of psychotherapy, exercises, and pharmaceutical drugs. Rates of anxiety in Australia have gone up, from 11.2% in 2014-15 NHS to. 13.1% in 2017-2018.


Anxiety is like an alarm bell that continues to shout “threat!”  This is a healthy response to danger. It becomes a painful problem, when you cannot shut off the alarm. 

Anxiety is the triggered “fight or flight” response of your nervous system. This is the body’s way of preparing you to deal with danger or threat. 

When your fight or flight response is activated, your bloodstream is flooded with norepinephrine and cortisol. Both are hormones that boost your perception, reflexes, and speed in dangerous situations. 

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In fight or flight, all bodily functions, including the brain shift into survival mode.  Heart rate increases, more blood is flooded to your muscles (away from the internal organs, and sometimes even a vomit response is triggered).

All well and good if you are about to wrestle a leopard, but not ideal if this is happening when you’re in a social situation, professional setting, or trying to go to sleep at night.

If you find yourself in a constant state of anxiety, or feeling episodes of anxiety or even panic attack – your survival instincts could be trapped in your nervous system.


If your anxiety is “just there” on most days, most of the time, and you find yourself worrying about many different things or feeling physical nervousness, you might call your experience “generalised anxiety.”

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Panic attacks are a sudden onset of intense anxiety. They can be accompanied by a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, and even nausea. You may find that if you experience panic attacks, (they are horrible) and that fighting it makes it harder to stop a panic attack.

Other kinds of anxiety are situational. If you feel nervous around people and worry that you might be judged or humiliated for speaking up, but feel comfortable when home alone, you could have social anxiety.


Your rational mind can be perfectly aware that you are safe, and yet anxiety is still there. That’s because the trapped fight or flight response lives in your body, and is linked to your emotions.

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Healing anxiety is often about more than changing the way that you think. 

If you feel anxiety, “being unsafe” is stored in your emotional brain and reptilian brain.

This memory is like a “program” that runs your body on “fight or flight.” As long as that memory is active, your anxiety can be triggered in certain settings, or simply last.

Treatments such as CBT for anxiety can and do work. However if anxiety treatment with CBT hasn’t worked for you, the root cause could be deeper than just thoughts alone.

To overcome anxiety, you must heal the root causes that keep triggering it.


My expertise encompass the neurophysiological, psychological, energetic, and interpersonal components of anxiety. This enables me to understand how your anxiety was created, and how to heal it.

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What I have found in anxiety treatment is that bad memories, expectations, and associations hold anxiety in place.

In a gentle and guided psychotherapeutic process, we work on dissolving the link between memory, body, and fear. This unlocks your nervous system from “fight or flight,” and allows you to get on with life!

I am a graduate of a Bachelor of Psychology (2010, Canada), a Bachelor of Social Work (2015, Canada), and a Master of Social Work with specialisation in Mental Health (2016, Canada). I am a facilitator of individual healing and a practitioner of Psychotherapy and Energy Healing, specialising in the recovery of the Authentic Self.


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Healing anxiety is possible. When we work together, I focus on getting to the root cause. I help you to learn the techniques that discharge anxious energy in the moment, and work with you to resolve the root causes that keep anxiety in place, so that you can get on with living a comfortable, creative, and happy life.

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