I feel humbled by everyone who chooses to heal. What I have learned is that to heal is to recover your true self. To recover your true self is to restore your highest potential path in life. Your energy is not meant to be spent managing unhappiness. Your personal energy is meant to activate your natural potential.

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As a child I could not make sense of why people were in disharmony and living painful lives. Balance and wellness seemed natural. Even then, I was compelled to help people restore it.

At the age of 16 my own healing journey began. Although the conventional psychological and medical therapies had something to offer in terms of healing, something was always missing for me and the healing never felt ‘complete’.

My healing truly opened up when I discovered that the physical world is understated by energy and began applying energy healing to my inner work. I studied depth and transpersonal psychology, energy work, and soul sciences to heal myself. I worked with my inner life with the goal of healing my psyche, purifying my consciousness, and repairing my connection with inner knowledge.


Feeling depressed, anxious, and unfulfilled is all too common. Without the proper tools and insight, many people go on suffering feeling low, trapped, anxious, confused, and empty.

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Whether you have lived a happy childhood, or have suffered childhood abuse – panic attack, depression, low self-esteem, addiction, anxiety, and general malaise can crop up and seem to never go away.

These states can all be healed. (You won’t need them to grow, contribute, and enjoy genuine happiness).

I apply what I learned to heal myself to facilitate healing for others. By combining traditional psychological therapies, (psychodynamic, EFT, transpersonal, attachment based, inner child work, narrative, Gestalt); through the lens of energy and consciousness. As a practitioner of Psychotherapy and Energy Healing, my goal is to facilitate your healing and enable you to recover your natural wholeness.

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  • Master of Social Work, Mental Health. University of Toronto: Toronto, Canada (2016)
  • Honours Bachelor of Social Work, Lakehead University: Orillia, Canada (2015)
  • Social Service Worker Diploma with High Honours, Seneca College: King City, Canada (2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Saint Mary’s University: Halifax, Canada (2010)


  • Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, Level I, Evette Rose (2019)
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention: Residential Child Care Project, Sydney NSW (2018)
  • Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma: Australian Childhood Foundation, Sydney NSW (2018)
  • Cybercounselling: Techniques for Online counseling. University of Toronto, Toronto ON (2016)
  • Motivational Interviewing: Rationale, Theory, and State-of-the-art Methods for Improving Clinical Practice Allen Zweben PhD: Talks and Workshops at FIFSW, Toronto, Canada (2016)
  • Healing Inter-Generational Wounds: A Relational Neurobiological Approach to Transform Family Relationships. Leading Edge Seminars: Mona Fishbane, PhD: Toronto, Canada (2015)
  • Certificate in Trauma Counselling for Front Line Workers. Natalie Zlodre MSW RSW, The Hincks Dellcrest Centre, Toronto, Canada (2014)
  • Mindfulness Based Trauma Counselling: The Dufferin Mental Health Coalition, Peel Region, Canada (2013)
  • Source Energy Medicine, Stephen Pollitt, Toronto, Canada (2013)
  • Understanding and Treating Anxiety Disorders. Martin M. Antony, C.Psyc, Toronto, Canada (2012)
  • Reiki Level I & II Certificate Usui Lineage, Halifax & Toronto, Canada (2005/2012)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Tree Toronto Canada, (2011)

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