Discovery Sessions

45 Minute Introductory Consultation

discover & SOLVE

Tools, insight, and process.

This session is an emotionally economical way to solve, heal, and clear what’s bothering you.

We talk about what’s on your heart or mind. I will help you to understand the root cause of the problem, and offer solutions and insight to start the healing right away.

This consultation is good as a single session stand alone, a top up in times of need, or a solid start to your healing journey.


All services are open in this session, so you don’t have to know ahead of time.

From here we can see the best way to support you to move through. This 45 minute discovery session will help you understand why things have been stuck, uncomfortable, or not right, and provide a shift in the session.

Aftercare is provided, feel free to follow up with a question after the session.

Sessions are offered worldwide over Doxy, Phone, and Skype.

Introductory Consultation – $75AUD including follow up sessions.


Rachel is deeply insightful and has a remarkable capacity for healing. She not only helps her clients through challenges faced in their lives, past and present, but provides them with tools to gain proficiency and self-sufficiency in their own healing abilities.

Rachel has a knack for enabling others to view aspects of their lives from entirely different and refreshing perspectives, which really allows you to learn more about yourself and to break through whatever may be blocking you. I truly appreciate the work she does.

-Mark D.


Educated as a social worker with specialization in mental health, I completed undergraduate studies in Psychology (2010) from Saint Mary’s University, and Master of Social Work (2016) from the University of Toronto.

As a natural extra-sensory, and trained and experienced mental health professional I can help you understand the heart of the problem, and provide the tools for quick shifts and wholesome growth.

We can address life transition, career goals or blocks, relationship and love goals, support through challenging times, childhood wounding, soul progression, feeling gritty, unwell, stuck, confused, afraid, or achy.

All services give you the map.


Skype: live:ratherapy.msw