What is Inner Child Work (and how to start healing)

Is it Possible to Heal from an Abusive Childhood?

It can feel overwhelming when you start your healing journey. It feels like there is so much to heal, like you are so broken and ashamed, and wonder if it can even be done. These are questions that cross the mind of nearly all people who start on the healing path.

The short answer is YES!!! You can heal. The beginning of any process always feels the most daunting. You don’t know what you will encounter, may be afraid of what you’ll meet on the path, and the journey seems very long indeed.

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Healing doesn’t happen all at once, but when you heal the root cause of a particular issue – many issues start to evaporate from daily life. Lift one brick off the cart, see ten more dissolve. Not to mention, you build muscle along the way. Every healing allows you to reclaim the lost positive resources within you, like feelings of trust, certainty, and strength.

What is Inner Child Work?

Children experience life as emotion. The wounds that we endure as children can hang with us into adulthood in the form of unexplained emotional pain. Feelings of depression, low self-worth, guilt, and brokenness for example can echo out into our daily lives. These are little signs from your inner children (yes…plural 😉 that there is healing work to be done).

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When you are wounded as a child, two things happen. The first thing is the imprinting of the experience that wounded you. This is the memory that stays within you in the form of an energy pattern.

Each memory is like an energy ‘template’ or ‘photograph’ that has captured the energies of the moment, including your experiences, emotions, and beliefs of the moment. The second thing that happens is the wounded part of you gets captured in that moment. Frozen in time, holding the energies and emotions of that wound. This is what echoes out into the “now” moment, as feeling.

Inner child work is the process of going back to these moments, and working with the inner child connected to them. You will know where to find the child, and the memory, by following the emotion you feel in the now moment. When you connect with the child, you recognise its experience, its emotions, its needs and you meet them.

Should I do Inner Child Work on Myself?

Yes you can.

Be mindful of if you have a tendency to dissociate. This can be an indication that support is needed. If you’re not sure, try this Dissociative Experiences Scale questionnaire.

I recommend Michael Brown’s book “The Presence Process – A Journey into Present Moment Awareness” to get started.

It can help to have facilitation at the beginning if you feel that your natural human need for support and encouragement was not met for you when you were a child. Follow your inner prompts.

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You can also download a free copy of my book “The Emotions Field Guide: Navigating the Emotional Wild” for instructions about working with emotion and self-healing.

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Are Inner Child Work and Soul Retrieval/Soul Healing the Same Thing?

Inner child work happens on the level of the psyche, soul loss and soul fragmentation occur at a slightly different level of the energy system, but when we have childhood wounding it affects out ability to feel out souls clearly.

Childhood wounding fragments our psyches, or distorts them, or disturbs them, with emotional pain. The inner children become frozen in the moment of pain, and continues to think and feel as they did at the time.

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This splintering off of wounded aspects of our psyches, makes it more difficult to engage with the energies of our souls and its consciousness clearly. In my opinion and experience, inner child healing is the first step of re-consolidating your identity, and then accessing the higher levels of consciousness in a powerfully clear way.

Many soul retrieval practices including shamanic journey, work on healing the level of the psyche (the heart level, combined with the emotions, beliefs, and thought forms of your inner life).

Sometimes the wounding of inner children can be connected to wounding on the soul level and karmic trauma. Inner child work is often the doorway to soul healing.

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Rachel is a psychotherapistsoul path coach, and energy healer practising in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and remotely online. Formally trained in Social Work (BSW, MSW) and Psychology (BA), Rachel integrates spiritual awareness into psychotherapy and inner work. This enables her to practice in tune to your soul and provide psychological and spiritual.

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