How to Find Your Life Purpose

How to Find your Life Purpose

Who did you want to be when you were 7 years old?

The age of 7 is when our minds take the reign from emotions. Until then, the way that we experience life, our parents, our friends, siblings, and our own inner life is based on emotion. We don’t have a very strong sense of separation or individualisation. Life is experienced through emotions, feelings, and sensations. It’s a very “right brain” time.

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At this time of life, we know we are individual beings, but have a hard time seeing ourselves crisply and clearly. One of the jobs of parents at this age is to mirror our emotions. This helps us to understand our individual identity, boundaries, a develop intuition.

As babies, we are getting used to being in a body. As toddlers we’ve mostly figured that part out, and have evolved into the next stage of learning – mastering emotion (More about Emotion, what is Emotion). We feel connected to ourselves and the world around us through feeling and emotion, and we are very porous and open.

How Our Parents Help us Connect with Our Life Purpose

The energy centres are not filtering out energies from the surroundings very well. (Part of why it feels good to sit in the lap of our parents as children – their energy field acts as a shield to the surrounding energies until we develop into our own).

When we get reflections back to us of what we are feeling, or how we feel about something – it helps us to feel a stronger grip on our identity. Fantasy, emotional life, enjoying the sensation of being in a certain space or participating in a certain activity are what fill inner life.

We accumulate the energies of our surroundings, and we accumulate the energies of our emotions, and this contributes to how it feels to be you and how you feel about yourself.

Did you have a favourite room, toy, song, character? These were things you were drawn to intuitively. They felt good to have around. Not only was something about them energetically supportive for your system, they also served as extensions of your identity, and helped you to define your individual self.

The Mind’s Task – Crystalising Life Purpose

At the age of 7, the mind starts to form and crystalise itself. Where emotion is amorphous and “filling” life experience, mind serves a more structuring function of consciousness. We can reason, analyse, and organise information in the mind. We can also filter information. This makes us less vulnerable to the influence of surrounding energies.

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Our emotional lives become more protected when the reasoning faculty turns on. At this age, we start to experience the world as “thinking” more than “feelers.” The goal is to organise and understand our identities intellectually, to make sense of the emotional content we’ve created and accumulated up until that time.

If you look for who you wanted to be at 7 – you are likely to find the original understanding of your soul path. After the age of 7, we continue to form our identities, and we take on the beliefs and norms that we are expected to uphold. This can sometimes put us at intellectual odds with the information that was begining to crystalise and emerge at the age of 7.

Did you want to be a hero ? A leader? An artist? A healer? A philosopher? A Scientist? What kind of play were you drawn to? What kinds of characters did you like?

Meditation to Access your Life Purpose

To go back to yourself at 7, you can travel inwards in a self-guided meditation.

  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus inwards.
  • Notice the breathe and how it moves the body.
  • Relax the mind. Imagine a ball of white light on the inside of your forehead. This ball will symbolise your conscious awareness.
  • Ask your subconscious to reveal to you on the screen of the white ball, “what do I want at the age of 7?”
  • The answer that appears is the first thread to pull to get to the root of your authentic self. The answer may appear in the form of picture, memory, or symbol in the white ball.
  • If you are not a visual person, you can access this information through your body in the form of sensation. Just connect with your heart centre instead of the white ball, and wait for the answer in the form of sensation in the body.
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Rachel is a psychotherapist, soul path coach, and energy healer practising in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and remotely online. Formally trained in Social Work (BSW, MSW) and Psychology (BA), Rachel integrated spiritual awareness into psychotherapy and inner work. This enables her to practice in tune to your soul and provide healing facilitation on higher levels than conventional healing modalities.

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