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Should I Heal?

Not everyone feels ready to heal. When it’s time, you will have an inner sense that you want to work something out, and that something needs to change.

Can I Heal?

You are self-healing. In the same way that an infection will stop the body from closing a wound; certain life experiences block emotional, mental, and spiritual healing from occurring spontaneously. Healing is a matter of working with release. Your inner intelligence will do the rest.

Why Do I feel Empty, Anxious, Depressed?

By making itself known to you as psychological pain, the so called “disorders” “diagnoses” “issues” are parts of you calling for healing. This is true about depression, addiction, anxiety, loneliness, panic, numbness. These states are the net result of the solutions you found in difficult times. In the past, the only solution you had was to suppress, disown, and adapt yourself in order to survive. These solutions linger on today and cause pain, inner conflict, and loss of your true identity.

The False Self

The false self is the personality that you created to protect yourself from psychological and physical harm. It is a survival personality, shaped through developmental traumas and social conditioning, It is not who you really are – it’s who you had to be.

What is Developmental Trauma?

Developmental trauma is a wound that happens during the development of your identity. It is an injury to the neurological, psychological, and spiritual parts of you. When left unhealed, developmental trauma comes up as symptoms of depression, anxiety, feelings of meaninglessness, emptiness, fear, anger, or fatigue. This is because the wounds distort you true identity, and cause you to see, feel, and act in a way that is against your true nature. To heal developmental trauma is to restore your authentic identity.

What is Healing?

Healing is the process of transmuting emotional, mental, and spiritual injuries. These injuries can take shape shape as blocks, distortions, deficits, conflicts, and disconnection. To heal these interference patterns is to restore your authentic self. The result is that you recover your highest potential future.

How to Heal

When you think about who you are, or describe another person – you are talking about the personality. The personality is based on your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories. These aspects become your personality.

When the personality is built on healthy thoughts and emotions, we experience happiness. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most. Feelings of depression, anxiety, difficulty adjusting to change, incomplete grief, unhealed abuse, suppressed negative emotions & thoughts, and self-hate are all too commonly programmed into our personalities.

This is not really you. It’s “bad information” in the personality, and not all of it is conscious. 

Healing wounds and clearing the blocks that gum up the personality, helps us to feel better. Slowly but surely, it becomes more and more comfortable to be in your own skin. Connecting with others becomes a joy,  being productive comes easily, and life just seems to fall into place.


Happiness is a Natural State

Imagine a river system. If there is a dam, or a rubbish pile, or a split in the river – the flow stops, runs over the banks, the river dries up. It’s the same with your life and bad memories, negative emotions, and negative thoughts.

When you don’t have energy for your life, or when your energy is running amok – you will feel unhappy. There is nothing wrong with you, but maybe a tune up is in order! Psychotherapy in Sydney with Rachel can help you to clear these blocks.

If mental health, emotional wellness, and physical disease crop up – there is a block or a wound in place. Bad experiences, bad emotions, and bad thoughts are the only thing in the way. Psychotherapy and Energy Healing are great tools for anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, and overcoming depression in a steady and holistic way. 

Everybody wants, and deserves happiness. My job is to guide you back to your rightful position as master and commander of your happiness and future. I believe that wellness is a birth right.

spiritual psychologist

Rachel Anenberg, (Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work Mental Health Specialization) is a compassionate and dedicated psychotherapist.

Her expertise encompass the neurophysiological, psychological, energetic, interpersonal, and transpersonal components of wellness.

Through a guided process of psychotherapy in Sydney and Energy Healing in Sydney, you can reclaim you natural happiness. 


Recover Natural Happiness

Psychotherapy in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

If you feel lost, unfulfilled, or stuck, it could be showing up as depression, stress & anxiety. With the right therapist and insight, you can start to feel stronger, brighter, and in control of your life.

  • Feel happy without the chronic ‘hard work’
  • Breakthrough depression
  • Get Control over anxiety, panic attack, social phobia
  • Heal from Narcissistic Abuse
  • Heal childhood wounds, adult abuse, emotional pain
  • Improve self-esteem, develop strong selfhood
  • Have a healthy and happy relationship with yourself
  • Feel strong, secure & stable

What is Healing About?

We are more than just the physical body – we are feeling, thinking, conscious beings.

Self-rejection, self-destruction, and self-hate are common attitudes that we hold towards ourselves. These attitudes are not natural states. They are learned through conditioning, and come about when we experience emotional pain or conflict that we cannot resolve or heal.

When we live through our wounds, we experience emotional pain, and may even create inauthentic lives that add to our pain.

To heal, is to become whole again, and to feel naturally happy.

Reclaim Your Power

Drudging through daily life is not how we are meant to live. If you feel like there is more to life, and more to you, you are right!

It has been called the True Self, Authentic Self, even the soul. It’s the authentic sovereign of your life, and it’s on the other side of the anxiety, depression, and emptiness.

Sydney Psychotherapy, Trauma Treatment, Anxiety Treatment, Energy Healing in Sydney. Serving Manly, North Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Allambie Heights, French’s Forest, Freshwater in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Sydney Psychotherapy, Trauma Treatment, Anxiety Treatment, Energy Healing in Sydney. Serving Manly, North Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Allambie Heights, French’s Forest, Freshwater in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Online counselling available. Remote and distance healing.

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